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Creative Solutions for Project-Driven Businesses

Here's how we can help:

Primavera Integration
We have delivered high performance links between Primavera and other systems for over ten years. Take advantage of this expertise to solve your integration challenges.

Project Reporting
Generate high quality Gantt, network, time scaled network and WBS charts using templates and embedded graphics. Reduce large projects to easy to understand sets of hyperlinked reports.

Resource and Capacity Planning
Review resource utilisation, load and availability at a glance. Extensive "what if" facilities allow you to examine alternatives with ease.

Earned Value and Performance
Import baseline data and build up a full schedule and cost history, feeding into accurate forecast information. Simple to set up, easy to use.

Linear Projects - Time Chainage
A wide range of specialist solutions for linear projects of all kinds.

Map-based Solutions
Take advantage of Google Maps to publish programme data to stakeholders.

Interactive Dashboards
Take advantage of the graphical capabilities of our software to create visually appealing dashboards, designed specifically to suit your requirements.

Custom Report Development
Using Excel, Visio or PowerPoint for project reporting? Our software slashes report lead times, eliminates manual rekeying and transcription errors and delivers precisely what you want to see.