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Giving you complete control

At PCF we believe passionately that a picture paints a thousand words - at least. And it's never been more true than today, where management are constantly at risk of being swamped by the volume of data produced within their organisations.

Product Philosophy

Our goal is to enable our customers to maximise the value of their investment in existing IT systems by generating meaningful information from the raw data that they generate. We deliver interactive graphical solutions that provide a rapid return on investment by allowing clients to gain insight into their business and visually explore alternative solutions to their problems.

Our key design principle is that software should adapt to the client's requirements, not the client to the software. With this in mind we use an iterative approach, closely involving the client in the development process through a series of working prototypes. As a result we've been able to provide a wide range of individual solutions across a variety of sectors, with each system uniquely tailored to that customer's needs.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we aim to exceed expectations. As a small agile organisation with a pool of talented individuals, we relish a challenge and derive a great deal of satisfaction from taming intractable problems, particularly when the client has previously been advised that "it just can't be done"!

Company History

The company can trace its history back to the early 1980s, when (as EuroLog Systems) it developed a "CAD system for projects", the world’s first interactive graphical project management tool. For the first time, users were able to visualise their projects in a form that they were comfortable with, and could immediately spot errors by looking at a picture, rather than by poring over columns of data.

During the 1990s the bulk of our customers moved their planning systems from mainframes or workstations to PCs and we ensured that the product moved with them, building systems that helped deploy the national mobile telephone networks, construct the Channel Tunnel and manufacture Formula 1 racing engines

Since 2000 the company has increasingly focused on serving the Primavera marketplace around the world, becoming a Technology Partner in 2003 and a Primavera Authorized Reseller in 2010. In today's climate of change, PCF remains privately owned and highly focused, still run by project management and engineering specialists.