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Application integration: It's both bane and boon to organizations. Without integration, end users of enterprise applications are hamstrung by siloed systems that require manual intervention to fill transaction gaps. Business decision-makers don't have the complete visibility into cross-enterprise business processes that allows them to make fully informed, accurate decisions.

"Integration is now a high-value act - it seems that the #1 priority we see on every Forrester survey is that companies want their applications to talk to each other. Once that happens, companies can take advantage of it and innovate."

(R. "Ray" Wang, VP, Forrester Research, quoted in Profit Magazine, May 2009)

Oracle shares the risk and burden of integration with you by offering integration as a fully supported Oracle product - one that will continue to be enhanced and maintained similar to other Oracle Applications.

"Our strategy is not just about prebuilt integration for Oracle's portfolio of enterprise software - it extends to any product in your portfolio. We are enabling complete, end-to-end connectivity to power all major business processes tailored by industry."

Jose Lazares, Vice President, Applications Development and Product Strategy, Oracle

To handle the diversity of clients' integration requirements Primavera and PCF products offer a variety of methods of exchanging data with other systems, ranging from simple flat files through to complex transfers of business objects via Primavera Gateway, API calls, XML or Web Services. Our consultants will set out the various possible approaches to a particular integration, produce an agreed roadmap for its implementation using the chosen approach, and manage the process to ensure a successful delivery.